How do I reserve your services?   

send email to with your ceremony date, time and location.  Steven will email back availability and price.  Assuming all is in agreement a 50% deposit is required to reserve.

Is there a contract for services?  

usually no formal contract, everything is laid out on the email, however those couples requiring a contract will receive one.

Are you available to meet with us before the ceremony?  

Yes, this is an essential part of the process, for those living out of town Skype meetings are held.  You can have as many meetings as you like at no extra cost.

Will you attend the rehearsal?

Yes if you require one, usually there is the only extra fee due to travel and time costs. 

How long is the ceremony?

Each one is unique so it depends, however 15-20 minutes is typcial.

What will you wear? 

Suit and tie.

Will you attend the reception?

Usually no, I find this a very personal time for the couple and their families.  Occasionally I will have a glass of champagne after the ceremony! 

Are you ordained minister?

Yes, with the Universal Life Church. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

Personal check.